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  • Sapphire Wafer

    Short Description:

    Sapphire is a material of a unique combination of physical, chemical and optical properties, which make it resistant to high temperature, thermal shock, water and sand erosion, and scratching.

  • SiC Wafer

    Short Description:

    Due to its unique physical and electronic properties, 200mm SiC wafer semiconductor material is used to create high-performance, high-temperature, radiation-resistant, and high-frequency electronic devices.

  • Sapphire Glass Lens Single Crystal Al2O3Material

    Short Description:

    Sapphire windows are optical windows made from sapphire, a single crystal form of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) that is transparent in the visible and ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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ABOUT Xinkehui

Shanghai Xinkehui New Material Co., Ltd. is one of the largest optical &semiconductor supplier in China, founded in 2002. XKH was developed to provide academic researchers with wafers and other semiconductor related scientific materials and services. Semiconductor materials is our main core business, our team is technicality based, since it’s establishment, XKH is deeply involved in the research and development of advanced electronic materials, especially in the field of various wafer / substrate.